Independent Foreclosure Review. Privacy Policy. 
                    This policy is effective as of October 15, 2011.  
  1. Applicability. This site is managed by Rust Consulting, Inc. This Privacy Policy is for the Independent Foreclosure Review (“Privacy Policy”) and applies to the collection of information on this site and subsequent sharing of that information. The servicer(s) with whom you have relationship(s) have their own privacy policy or policies in addition to this privacy policy. Those additional privacy policies continue to apply to your relationship(s) with that servicer or servicers, as described in those policies. In connection with your use of this site, this Privacy Policy supplements those existing policies.

  2. Information Collection. This site will collect any personal information that you submit on this site, such as your name, address, phone number and email address. This site also collects information provided in response to the Request for Review Form relating to your mortgage loan.

  3. Sharing of Information. The information that you submit on this site or in connection with the Independent Foreclosure Review process will be available to the servicer(s) of your mortgage loan and will be shared with an independent consultant of that servicer(s). Where required to comply with the law, the servicer(s) may be compelled to provide this information in response to a legal process.

    Under the April 13, 2011 Consent Orders governing the Independent Foreclosure Review, the OCC and FRB have also directed servicers to use contact or personal information provided by the borrower in connection with the Independent Foreclosure Review only for purposes relating to the Independent Foreclosure Review process, including remediation efforts or other borrower communications.

    If you would like the servicer’s internal records to include updated contact or personal information that you provide in connection with the Independent Foreclosure Review process for the servicer’s future correspondence or notices outside the Independent Foreclosure Review, then you must separately provide your new contact or personal information directly to the servicer.

    The servicers may always use information obtained from publicly or commercially available sources to update borrower contact or personal information.

  4. Effective Date and Policy Changes. This Privacy Policy is effective as of the date listed above. If it is necessary to make changes to this Privacy Policy, we will update it with the changes and new effective date and post it here.